PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 2400 PCS/H, The actual production capacity of the equipment will be affected by the yield of the plates and the yield of the upper and lower shells.

UTILIZATION: above 85%

dB: lower than 85

This equipment is mainly used for automatic production of colloidal gold detection cards. its main functions include:  automatic supply of the bottom shell (disc type), automatic detection of the bottom shell direction, and automatic adjustment of the bottom shell direction, automatically supply plates, automatically detect whether there are defective areas on the plates (need to manually mark the defective areas in advance), automatically cut testing strips, automatically discharge testing strips containing defective areas, and automatically load testing strips on the bottom shell. Supply upper cover (pan type), automatic detection of upper cover direction, automatic adjustment of upper cover direction, automatic pre-installation of the upper cover, automatic compaction of the upper cover, automatic detection of the finished product , automatic bagging and sealing, automatic counting and other functions. after the testing strips are inserted into the positioning groove of the bottom case, the testing strips will not be deformed or damaged, and the appearance is flat, and the sealing position of the package is stable and accurate.


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